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Realty Pro v3 and above Update Instruction

  • Back up your existing Installation, most especially the .env file and public/images and public/uploads folder
  • (DO NOT Replace .env and public/images and public/uploads folder) Replace all others folders and files with the new one inside the upload folder you downloaded from envato.
  • Then visit your website (yourdomainurl.com/activate)
  • Select Update from the installation option
  • Enter your envato license code and email, then click Activate.

Congratulations, update is done...

Below is a video explaination if you'd prefer a video guide

Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.

v3 Changelog

  1. Fixed issue with Adding property
  2. Auto resize partner image on landing page
  3. Fixed newsletter subscription form not working
  4. Language save icon now visible
  5. Fixed property description not showing on single property page
  6. Reworked update not to overwrite existing data
  7. Supports for PHP Version 8.0 and above
  8. Fixed all other bugs

Please follow the guide below on how to install RealtyPro

Installing RealtyPro Step-by-Step Instructions

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone