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Last updated on Sep 09, 2023 18:32 in Product » Maxprofit
Posted BySheriff

Thanks for purchasing Maxprofit. Below is a quick guide on how to perform update without affecting your existing data.

Before you start, please BACKUP your files and database

Download the latest file on envato

Upload the files inside the upload folder to replacre your existing files

Do not not replace the following folder/file

  • core/.env
  • core/public/img
  • img (inside root folder)

After that, navigate to your domainurl.com/activate,  (yourdomainurl.com is your installation url)

In the Installation Type, select Update

Enter your license key and your purchase email with envato. (this is to verify you have the right to use the license due to pirated copy issue)

Then click on Activate

That's it.

Please create a support ticket if you need further help with update

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone