How to Add New Language on Maxprofit 0 0

Last updated on Nov 01, 2021 18:59 in Product » Maxprofit
Posted BySheriff

Maxprofit now support multi-language and you can do this from the admin dashboard. Below are the steps to add new language.

1. Login to the admin backend

2. Click on the Settings menu

3. Under the General tab, scroll down to Language section.

Add the language name and short code (short code should be two letters)

4. Click Add button to add the new language

You will then need to go to your hosting panel to change language string.

Locate core/resources/lang/ folder

Inside this folder, you will find the folder of all the languages you have created with the language shortcode.

Open the language folder

Inside the folder, open the file messages.php

Start editing the English words at the right side after the symbol =>

Save the file once done and you can go ahead to switch to this new language

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone